Let us now embark on a journey through the pages of our history, tracing key milestones that have marked TELEC’s relentless pursuit of excellence:

Timeline of


Chairman Syed Azhar Sajjad (late) laid the foundation of first business entity of the TELEC Group.


In this decade, TELEC ventured out in to OEMS to take the business ahead.


Syed Ghazanfar Sajjad joined as Sales & Marketing Director during the challenging times of post 1971 war period and led several mega projects.


During this decade, there was a tremendous impact on business activities in Pakistan due to nationalization of private industry and insurgency taking place in neighboring countries. However, concerted efforts were made to maintain consistency and move towards progress.


After the sad demise of Founder Chairman Syed Azhar Sajjad in 1991, Syed Ghazanfar Sajjad took over as second generation leadership and culminated several projects under strict Pressler Amendment Sanctions which banned most economic assistance to Pakistan.


In 2000, new leadership emerged to take forward the business and family legacy: Nousheen Ghazanfar Sajjad as Group Vice Chairperson, Syed Hassan Sajjad as Group CEO, and Syed Hussain Sajjad as Group COO.


A momentous year as TELEC celebrates its testament to seven decades of dedication, excellence, and unwavering commitment to its clients and partners.

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